Web site development includes the following steps.

1. We define your needs: Working out the web site’s mission
Every web site is created for a reason, although this reason is not always obvious. Without defining the aim or purpose, we cannot properly design a website. Therefore the first step in web site development, is understanding the web site mission.
The web site mission corresponds with the web site structure, its goal audience, style, frequency of information renewals, etc. All these are included in the site requirements document, and this document, in its turn, becomes the starting point for further web site development.

2. We design your site
Web site design is developed based on your company’s corporate identity. We pay significant attention to user friendly design, which includes convenient web site navigation, optimal loading time of the site pages and easy-to-remember graphic design.

3. We create a basic working model
The graphic design is converted into a working model of your future web site. Special attention is paid to search engine friendly HTML layout of the web site pages, which will result in better search engine placement for the web site. For example a good looking site for a company dealing with Its all very well to have a good looking site. However, you also need to make sure that people will find that good looking site when searching the Internet, using words that describe your business or expertise.

4. We program your site
Modern web sites allow for interaction between a company and its clients. We are now ready to install feedback forms, registration forms, subscription forms, etc. on your website. Other means of interacting with your clients are a forum and an internet store (e-shop). These also require installation and are implemented in the programming stage.
Usually, web sites require regular information renewal. If needed, we attach a special control management system (CMS) to your web site to make these renewals very easy to implement. This lets you make basic content changes to the website on your own, without having to contact us each time and without needing any web expertise or knowledge.
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5. We test your site
Testing is performed during each step, but when the web site is finished, it requires more serious testing.
We test how your web site is viewed in different web browsers; whether the links in the web site pages work, etc.

6. We publish your web site to the public
This is the final step in web site development. It includes moving your web site to a hosting account, buying a domain name and registering the web site with the search engines.